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Press : The Star  | Date : 25 Mac 2017

HUMAN Resource Development Fund (HRDF) launched its Human Capital Strategic Initiatives in an effort to contribute to the national human capital agenda of creating 35% skilled Malaysian workforce by year 2020.

Unveiled at Hilton Kuala Lumpur, the initiatives include setting up the 1Malaysia Outplacement Centre (1MOC), the Train and Replace Programme (T&R), the Graduates Enhancement Programme for Employability (Generate) and the Rural Accelerated Industrial Skill for Employment (Raise).

Human Resource Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Anak Jaem said the strategic initiatives launched by HRDF with the support from the Human Resources Ministry were formulated to ensure that there were tangible and sustainable outcomes.

“These initiatives will also address several human capital issues in the country, including that of graduate and youth employability, assistance for retrenched Malaysian workers and the upgrading of skills of the local workforce – all aimed to reduce Malaysia’s dependence on foreign workers.

“Currently, there are four million skilled workers out of the total workforce of 14.8 million working adults in Malaysia.

“We hope to increase it by 7%, which is about 4.3 million workers by next year, and by 35% by year 2020,” he said.

HRDF chief executive officer Datuk C.M. Vignaesvaran Jeyandran said there were 17,585 employers from the manufacturing, service, and mining and quarrying sectors who have registered with HRDF, and almost two million employees were currently benefiting from the fund’s initiatives.

He added that the numbers were expected to rise with the expansion of the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001, starting on April 1.

“It is our talent who will provide us with a strong platform to sustain the rapid growth of the economy and enhance our global competitiveness. “HRDF will continue its mandate of catalysing the development of a competent Malaysian workforce that is effective, efficient, productive and innovative, helping us to achieve our end goal of becoming an advanced and inclusive nation by year 2020,” Vignaesvaran said.

The initiatives will be funded by the 30% HRDF pool fund, government allocation and private partnerships, and will run continuously based on the requirements of the industry.

Present to witness the launch were 1,000 guests comprising top government officials, employers and its associations, training providers, retrenched workers and trainees who have participated in HRDF’s initiatives.

At the event, HRDF and eight selected employers also put up their vacancies and job opportunities at the Job Showcase. Established in 1993, HRDF is a dynamic organisation under the Human Resources Ministry to catalyse the development of competent local workforce that will contribute to Malaysia’s vision of becoming a high-income economy.


Source : The Star

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